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If I Wrote The Soaps: Days of Our Lives

It’s time for the second installment of If I Wrote the Soaps. Today my focus is on Days. It is one of my favorites soaps, but it has been losing its way for a while now. I think the way to get it back on track is to focus on the things that made it great in the first place.

Like I mentioned with General Hospital, Days need to focus on their vets. It irks me when a show push their vets on the back burner or fire them. They have proven time and time again that they can carry a storyline. So why would you cast them aside when they are a proven fact. I know there will always be new characters brought on to keep things interesting, but there has to be a balance.

Bo/Hope/Patrick:  Hope starts getting gifts from a secret admirer which at first she thinks it is from Bo.  They are not from Bo, they are from Patrick Lockhart. He has returned with an obsession with Hope and to get revenge on his enemies, which includes EJ. EJ offers to help Patrick get Hope if he keeps his mouth closed about everything EJ has done in the past. Patrick has his own plans on how to get Hope.  He has to get Bo out of the way so he can have a shot with her. He sets Bo up for murder. Hope believes Patrick committed the murder and she makes him believe she has fallen for him to get the proof.

John/Marlena/EJ/Sami/Lucas:  John is okay and back to his old self.  They return after a mysteripous phone call set up by Patrick about who shot John years ago. John wants to get the proof that EJ was the one who shot him. This leads to a battle with Stefano who does everything he can to stop John. Sami will be torn between her stepfather and the father of her children. Lucas wants to help John get the goods on EJ so he and Sami can get back together without EJ’s interference.

Steve/Kayla:They will also return, because Steve is beginning to remember chained to a wall with Stefano standing over him barking orders. Steve will want to find out why Stefan took him away and what did he have him doing for him. Stefano will not want him to find out the truth, and tries to have him killed by his new assassin, Shawn-Douglas Brady  (more on this later), but Roman is shot. This will be an umbrella story that will reignite the Brady/Dimera feud. Bo vows revenge on Stefano.  Steve will have a past with Hope when she was Princess Gina.

Jack/Jennifer:Jack returns to Salem without Jennifer. She has been Kidnapped and he haven’t been able to find her. They were working on a news story about the Dimeras (thanks to Anna) that would destroy their empire and put Stefano in prison for all his past crimes. Jack believes Stefano is behind Jennifer’s disappearance and he confronts him. The police will investigate. Jennifer escapes but has an accident that leads her to have amnesia. She is found by Daniel who nurse her back to health. He falls for her.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Chloe:Shawn and Belle return home, but Shawn is different. She shares her concerned with Marlena. Shawn hadn’t been the same since a business trip he took to France. since then Shawn has been getting mysterious phone calls and then he leaves. Those calls are from Stefano. Another Brady has been brainwashed. Philip and Chloe reunite,and they helps Belle try to figure out whats going on with Shawn.

Roman/Kate:Roman’s shooting will start their love story over again. Sami will be involved and try to split them up again. 

Stefano:After everything Stefano has done to the citizens of Salem, somebody decides to take the law into their own hands and shoots him. He dies in the hospital. This storyline will involve everybody on the canvas and even some who are not. There is a long list of suspects.  Abe puts Rafe over the investigation because he is feeling the pressure from EJ that the Bradys wouldn’t investigate the case properly giving most are suspects. Kristen and Peter will return to find out who kill Stefano. Patrick will manipulate evidence and frame Bo for the murder. While Brandon will represent Bo.

Abe/Lexie/Brandon: Brandon returns to town as a lawyer. He comes back to help Nicole with her situation and to try and connect with Abe. Lexie and Brandon attraction to each other starts again. They try to fight it. After Stefano’s murder they give in to their passion.

Brady/Nicole: Nicole realizes that Brady is the man for her.


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