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As the World Stops

Today marked the end of the long running drama, As the World Turns. I have known for months that the show was going to end, but it hit me hard this week  after each episode that the “world’s” spinning was slowly coming to a stand still.

 The final episode was good, but I do have some complaints like starting with the fact that Martha Byrne was not there. Nothing against Noelle Beck, she is a wonderful actress, but to me Lily Walsh Snyder is Martha Byrne.  Those scenes between Holden and Lily would have been so much more meaningful with her there. The other complaint is Lisa should have been given more to do giving she was such a huge part of the show, especially in its heyday. Where was Emma?

Overall, I liked the whole episode. Jack and Carly got their happy ending.  These two in my opinion, was As the World Turns last supercouple and after all they been through it was nice to see the reformed bad girl and the G man happy and ready to make their relationship finally work.

I loved Bob’s last line, “Goodnight.” It was a great nod to the premiere episode where the late Helen Wagner said the opening line , “Good morning, dear,” that started it all.

How great was it to see Lucinda smiling and glowing? So glad she reunited with John.

What are your thoughts about the last episode?


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